The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you (an "individual" or single legal entity) about which personal information EYEVIONICS SARL-S ("EYEVIONICS") collects from the EYEVIONICS mobile application ("App", regardless of the operating system), as well as from any website and subdomains thereof ("Website" or "Websites", such as,,, application programming interfaces ("APIs") and any other service offered by EYEVIONICS (collectively referred to as "Service"). By installing the app or using the service, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this policy and that you consent to the collection of your personal data. In case you do not understand or you do not consent to the policy or parts of the policy, do not use the Service, do not install the App, do not use the APIs and do not access or use the Websites. This privacy policy is also referenced in EYEVIONICS' Terms of Service and End User License Agreement ("EULA").

This policy, as well as the App, the APIs, the Websites, the Service in general as well as supporting documentation and any potential customer support interactions are made available in English language only. Any other language may be added to and removed from the offered languages by EYEVIONICS at will and without effect on the validity of this license or the validity of any contract between you and EYEVIONICS.

This policy can be amended or changed by EYEVIONICS at any time without prior notice and without effect on the validity of any agreement and any contract between you and EYEVIONICS. In case you do not understand or you do not agree to this privacy policy at a future time, do not use the Service, do not install the App, do not use the APIs and do not access or use the Websites.

General Principles and Guidelines

EYEVIONICS is committed to protecting your data and complying with data protection guidelines such as the GDPR.

The best way to protect data is by avoiding the collection of unnecessary data in the first place. This is why EYEVIONICS collects as little data as possible and stores it only for as long as required. All data collected is required to allow the Service to function.

To keep your data safe, various security precautions are employed. In addition, the data collected is kept at a minimum and it is therefore of low interest to potential attackers. For example, EYEVIONICS aims to not store any passwords at all.

EYEVIONICS does not sell your data to third parties and does not display third party ads in any Websites, the App or the Service in general.

You can request insight into the data collected by EYEVIONICS, as well as a data erasure at any time. Simply reach out using the contact form on the EYEVIONICS website ( or send an email. Keep in mind that a data erasure will significantly or wholly reduce functionalities of your active products or subscriptions.

If you have any questions or concerns about data collection and retention, please reach out at the contact methods listed here.

Safety Guidelines for Users

EYEVIONICS strongly encourages you to use unique passwords, not just with your EYEVIONICS account, but with all your accounts. In fact, keeping your data safe is a responsibility that extends to you as well. EYEVIONICS also urges you to not click any links in emails directly, but to navigate to any website manually to reduce your exposure to potential phishing attempts.

EYEVIONICS may employ a passwordless and multifactor-authenticated login experience to further reduce the chances of passwords being exposed.

What is personal data used for?

Which personal information is collected and which cookies are used?

In the App, the Websites, the APIs and the Service in General

The following data may be collected:


As a Guest

If you visit the Websites while you are not logged into an EYEVIONICS account, EYEVIONICS may still collect some data and set cookies. The collected data may include your IP address, specifically in log files on EYEVIONICS servers.

When Submitting a Form (as a Guest or while logged in)

When you submit any form on the Websites, data relevant to the form you submitted will be sent to EYEVIONICS servers. This includes:

Additional functional cookies may be set if you submit a form.

The EYEVIONICS Websites need to set a specific cookie at all times, which is used to store whether you agree to the use of other cookies on the Websites or not. This cookie will be updated when you set your cookie preferences on EYEVIONICS Websites.

When logged in or when signing up

In addition to the same data collected and same cookies used as for guests on the Websites, during account creation ("sign up") and login, or upon returning to any of EYEVIONICS Websites after signing up or logging in, EYEVIONICS may store:

Additional functional cookies may be set when you log in or sign up. You may receive an email to complement login functionality (especially one-time code logins).

When using the App

When using the EYEVIONICS App, the following data may be stored on EYEVIONICS servers and your mobile device:

Additional functional cookies may be set. You may receive an email to complement login functionality (especially one-time code logins).

To enable some of the App's functionality to work - especially automatic connection between App instances and your flight simulation computer – the local area network IP of devices running EYEVIONICS software may be shared with EYEVIONICS servers. This IP is not necessarily your public IP, meaning that in most cases it is extremely unlikely or even downright impossible to personally identify you or address one of your devices with this IP.

When purchasing a subscription or product

Depending on where you purchase an EYEVIONICS subscription or product, third party payment providers and online shops may be involved. Please read and understand the payment provider's Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Terms and Conditions of these third parties before making a purchase.

On EYEVIONICS services, a purchase may lead to the following data being stored:

Additional Anonymized Data

For the purpose of improving the App and the Service in general, some further anonymized information may be collected. The anonymization ensures that this data cannot be used to personally identify you. From the data, it cannot be understood which data was collected from you, or even if data was collected from you at all. Neither third parties nor EYEVIONICS can determine who such data was collected from.

This data may include:

Technical Data

For the purpose of system maintenance, EYEVIONICS collects log files on servers as well as logs relevant to the App on user devices. Such logs, especially those collected in the App, are limited to data relevant to error analysis, bug fixing and performance improvements.

Where is personal data stored?

Hosting Providers

Personal data is stored on servers and cloud computing infrastructure ("hosting") rented by EYEVIONICS. EYEVIONICS is committed to transparency and protection of personal data, which is why we rely on trustworthy hosting providers. Under GDPR, hosting providers may be categorised as so called Data Controllers as well as Data Processors. Please find their Data Processing Agreements below.

Other Service Providers

Besides hosting services, EYEVIONICS may collaborate with third parties for other services, such as logging, error analysis and more.

Under GDPR, these services may be categorized as Data Controllers as well as Data Processors. Please find their Data Processing Agreements below.

List of Third Party Data Processing Agreements

Here is a list of the relevant Data Processing Agreements with EYEVIONICS' third party service providers:

Please keep in mind that EYEVIONICS may add or remove third party service providers at will and at any time. Feel free to regularly review this privacy policy as well as the linked third party service provider documents.